Articles, Articles, Articles!

It has been a wonderfully crazy week of writing. In the midst of all that, I wanted to involve you as to what is going on. I am getting ready for a book launch on Monday. Yes, this coming Monday, April 23. I am ready to share with the world my newest book, Articles, Articles, Articles? 

Why did I write a book about articles? Because I think articles are an important genre for any writer. Writing articles can do many things for writers.

  • Help build your platform
  • Share your expertise while making money
  • Connect you with larger audiences than writing a book or speaking
  • Spread the word about a new book
  • Create a fan base for a future book

Many writers overlook the benefit of writing articles. But writers of all genres can use articles to spread their names, their messages, and their writing to readers who can become their greatest fans. Never overlook the benefit of writing articles.

Need some direction to get started writing articles? I’m sure you will find it in Articles, Articles, Articles!

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