Personality Trainer

Personality Trainer

“Probably one of the most useful things I ever learned was understanding personalities and how that affected relationships,” Linda says.

When Linda attended her first CLASSeminar, ( her plan was to learn to be a better verbal communicator. She had no idea how much the skills she learned would help her writing. But the biggest surprise was the instruction on personalities. Why had no one ever taught her this before? Shouldn’t this be part of every parent training manual? Her introduction to The Personalities changed her parenting style, the way she related to friends, and even gave her permission to be herself and not feel guilty or critical of the way she was feeling.

Linda learned her lesson so well that she pursued more training about personalities and became a Certified Personality Trainer and an Advanced Personality Trainer. She has given training programs and spoken to churches, school in-service day groups, corporations, and parents.

Recently Linda and fellow personality trainer Tama Westman released a book, Why You Do What You Do. You can learn more about that at Linda and Tama agree that understanding personalities will not only help you understand yourself and how you relate to others better, but it will also give you insight to your worship style and how to grow a deeper relationship with God.

Linda loves to talk about personalities and help others find the joy and knowledge of understanding them. To book Linda to speak to your group, click here.