About Linda Gilden’s Editing

People sometimes think when they hear the word “editor,” you are talking about a really harsh person who will chop your work to pieces. Not so with Linda Gilden.

Linda studies hard to keep up with the current rules of punctuation. She is familiar with Chicago Manual of Style and knows how to read publishers’ guidelines and style sheets. She likes nothing better than to help writers make their manuscripts better by finding misplaced commas, correcting passive voice to active voice, keeping the flow of the story moving, and so much more.

When a writer is getting started and first submits manuscripts to publishers, he or she often sends manuscripts with weaknesses that identify the work as that of a new writer. Linda can point out those mistakes and help you correct them in a way that will take your work more quickly through the process. Editing by a professional will make your work stand out from other submissions. And if you learn from your editor, you will find yourself begin to practice self-editing as you work.

Editing Experience

Linda Gilden has almost twenty years experience in the publishing field. She writes regularly for magazines such as Focus on the Family. The author of the popular Love Notes series, she has written and ghostwritten numerous books and is editor of a monthly magazine. Linda can direct you on your path to publication. Let Linda help you develop your writing project form start to finish or just add the finishing touches. First Impressions count!

Editing Services offered:

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Rewriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book proposal critiques
  • Market consultation
  • Writing coaching
  • Workshop teaching

Linda Gilden loves to share a great story and help you share your great stories.  A frequent radio and television guest, Linda’s words of encouragement help you grasp the tools you need to make your writing, editing and publishing dreams come true.  Author of the popular Love Notes series, Mommy Pick-Me-Ups, and many ghostwritten books, Linda has what it takes to help you polish your skills and soon see your work in print. Ready to get started editing?