Years ago Linda Gilden was part of the ladies’ ministry in her church. Her job was to introduce the speaker for the evening once a month. The idea of standing behind a microphone for even three minutes was way out of her comfort zone. So she attended CLASS (classeminars.org) and learned the proper way to introduce a speaker and so much more. As she began publishing books, she learned that one of the best ways to promote her books is to speak about their topics. By then she had learned the tools to good communication and applied them to her writing and speaking. No longer did she fear the microphone! She actually enjoys the time she speaks.

Now an accomplished speaker who speaks nationally, Linda enjoys communicating the message God has given her through speaking. She also trains others as part of the CLASSEMINARS, Inc. training staff. She teaches at many writers conferences every year.

If you need a speaker for your church or conference event, contact Linda. Topics are listed here in the site and she is always glad to develop a new one for your group or organization.

Linda’s Speaking Topics include:

Love Notes Make a Difference

Time spent communicating with those you love is priceless. With simple thoughtful expressions, you can make them feel loved and appreciated any time of day. This talk is packed with clever ideas for creating love notes plus warm personal stories that bring ideas to life. Written notes, acts of kindness, phone calls, surprise gifts – these are all forms of “love notes” that offer encouragement and pleasure to your spouse, children, and friends. Tips are included for holidays, traveling, ordinary days, and involving others in love noting.

Love notes can be the fuel that ignites the fire of romance or the nuggets of encouragement that bring sunshine to an otherwise cloudy day.

Personality Perspectives

Each person is different, yet most of our personalities fall into one of four categories. Exploring those personalities helps you not only understand others and why they act the way they do, but why you act and feel the way you do about life. Even better, understanding the personalities allows you to build better relationships and live at peace with those in your sphere of influence. Discover your personality and how it affects everything you do.

Maintaining a Presence When you are not Present

When children vacate their rooms and head off to college, it’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief and feel like our parenting job is done. However, college students need us just as much as ever; we just have to find creative ways to let them know we love them and still want to be a part of their lives.

Learn ways to say “I love you” even though you may be miles away.

Display His Splendor

Isaiah calls us “a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” But what exactly does that mean? How can we allow God’s splendor to shine through us

Enjoy examples from every day life of how God’s splendor can be evident. What characteristics of God are other seeing on display in your life?

Evangelism in Your Own Backyard

Often it is hardest to share your faith with those closest to you. You don’t see your home and neighborhood as a “mission field.” But sometimes the field that is ripest with harvest is the one right under your nose.

This talk will offer practical examples for praying for your children, friends, and neighbors and looking for ways to bring them to Jesus. Many creative ideas will be shared for drawing those around you closer and helping them discover and deepen their faith.

Fingertip Faith – Spontaneously Reflecting His Light

We are told to always be ready to share our faith with others. But are we ready?

This talk will prepare you to have your testimony “at your fingertips.” Learn how to organize your testimony, share your faith, and recognize an “open door” for spreading the Good News. Discuss ways to share Christ with others during ordinary conversation and discover methods to convey your faith through writing.


*Other topics are available or Linda will customize a talk for your group or retreat.

*Writing topics are listed on the writing page of the website.


Linda’s Teaching Topics include:

Nonfiction Books for Beginners – Multisession Seminar

“From Planning to Publication and Everything in Between”

Do you have an idea for a book and feel now is the time to get started? What does it take to get your book in print? How do you take an idea and get it out of your head and onto the printed page? Then what do you do with it? Join us to learn the basics of writing a nonfiction book. Discover whether or not your idea is a great one or just a good one, what goes into planning, how to use outlines to your advantage, how to write a proposal, what type publisher is best for you, promoting your book, and much, much more.

Hour-Long Sessions

The Writer’s Personality

The Writer’s Personality? What does my personality have to do with the way I write? Your personality affects the way you see the world. Therefore, everything you write is influenced by your point of view. What are the healthy habits of a sanguine writer? Why does a melancholy writer seem to get more projects done? How can a choleric writer organize his or her checklists for the most benefit? What can encourage a phlegmatic writer? Upon examination we will find that we all have characteristics of more than one personality. Our writing will be stronger if we understand our personalities, the personalities of our characters and our readers.

Writing Devotions to Reach the Heart

Seeing God in everyday occurrences reminds us that He is always with us. Taking a Bible verse and giving it life application in just a few words gives us a thought that remains through the day. Connecting a passage in the Bible to life in a practical way gives hope to your reader.

Join us to learn how to construct a devotion, eliminate wordiness, and write succinct applications for encouragement. Learn the different types of devotions and discuss the many markets for devotions available to writers.

8 Articles Types that Sell

All articles are not alike. If you read magazines, you see that formats are not the same. What are the different types of articles? What makes one work one place and not another? Increase your chances of making sales by understanding how to properly craft the different types of articles. Learn the difference in a personal experience and profile article. Find out when to use a round up article or how to balance an issue article. Your research can give you material for many articles if you know the different formats to use!

Writer, Edit Thyself!

Ask any editor how to make a good impression on his or her publishing house and one of the most common responses will be, “Send me a clean manuscript!” You can do that by training yourself to look for the common mistakes and eliminating them from your manuscripts. Learn what to look for and what to eliminate to make your writing the strongest it can be!

Multiply Your Message

Often speakers and pastors are encouraged to write books from their messages. So they just transcribe their talks and sermons and have their book manuscripts, right? Absolutely not! A verbal talk is very different from the message in print. But talks can provide research and organization that with a little work can be used to create articles and books that extend the reach of the message. Learn how to take the work you have already done creating sermons and talks and expand the scope of your ministry.

Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

Being aware of special days and anniversaries that tie in with articles is a great way to catch an editor’s eye. Your calendar can be a gold mine of ideas. Learn how to use the calendar to spark ideas and create more sales for your work. Discover ways to find calendar ideas, how to deveop more than one article from an idea, how to keep those ideas organized so you don’t miss an opportunity, and how to use and reuse ideas for multiple sales.