A Writer’s Call

How do you know if you are called to be a writer? Does God whisper it in your ear or speak it through a friend? Some writers have known for a long time that writing was their passion and they have second grade essays to prove it. Others dabbled along in other activities collecting great material before discovering the pure joy in knowing God’s direction for their lives.

Answering the question of “How do you really know if you are called to be a writer?” is a personal matter. The answer can come only from God. Seeking that answer can take hours of prayer, soul searching, and counsel. Look deeply in your heart and find your true desires. Yield your life to God and watch how He leads you. Are doors opening that could only be His doing? Are there opportunities presented to you that could only be divine intervention?

Once you have established your calling and feel God’s direction to write, you know what your goal is: to be the best writer you can be and to write for Him with excellence. You may not write full time, especially in the beginning, but whatever opportunity you have to write must be approached with equal dedication and commitment.