Be a writer on Mission

    Being a writer on mission is to be focused. To set your sights on a goal and work unwaveringly to reach that goal. To feel so passionate about your calling you work tirelessly to communicate your message to others.

    As writers who are believers, our message is clear. We write to bring honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean that every word, article, or book we write must be a sermon. That doesn’t mean that everything we write must be evangelistic. However, it does mean that everything we write no matter what the subject should be written with excellence and in a way that honors our Lord.

    Christian writers need to write about every subject, even those that seem to be “secular.” The world needs writers who are on mission to bring hope to those who feel none. Missional writers need to be the bright spot in a reader’s otherwise dreary day.

So let’s move forward to be the very best writers we can be. After all we have the very best message – a message of hope for a hurting world.