Pick Me!

Pick Me!


It had been a wonderful night. The awards banquet was exciting, the magician who entertained held everyone’s attention, and the league director was bringing everything to a close. In doing so, he reminded those there that the purpose in this baseball league was to have fun but also to introduce others to Christ. He gave a brief invitation and asked those who would like to ask Jesus into their hearts to raise their hands.

Eight-year-old Luke raised his hand. Seated next to him, his parent smiled.

The next Sunday just before a baptismal service, the pastor commented on the awards banquet and the folks who had given their hearts to Christ.

“I want to give those of you here today the opportunity to do the same thing,” he said and then explained the plan of salvation. “If you would like to ask Jesus into your heart, would you raise your hand?” he concluded.

Luke again raised his hand. At the conclusion of the pastor’s prayer, the baptismal service began. Luke leaned over to his dad.

“Dad, how come they don’t ever pick me? I keep raising my hand.”

Luke’s dad promised him they would talk about it after the service.

Luke was right about one thing: salvation is a matter of choice.

God wants us to be part of His family. But He knew the only way for us to commit fully was for us to make a choice. We only have to raise our hands, make that choice, once. God immediately welcomes us into His family.



Think About It:

  • Find a quiet spot while the children are sleeping. Thank God that someone told you about Him and gave you the opportunity to choose Him.
  • Be aware of opportunities to allow your children to make choices. Even toddlers can choose between an apple and an Oreo for a snack. Older children can choose between activities to participate in and friends to hang out with. Applaud them for their good choices and explain to them why their choices were good.
  • Look for a time to talk to your children about the choice of salvation. When they invite friends to your house, make it your responsibility and privilege to share the Gospel with them. Remind them how much God loves them and that He wants them to choose to be His child.