Reflecting Him

    One morning I sat on the porch as the sun was coming up. I was alone and enjoying watching the day put on its brilliant colors. I looked at the swimming pool in the backyard, so still, looking like the surface was highly polished glass.

    As the sun made its way over the hill the light caused there to be a crystal clear reflection of the trees lined up around the perimeter of the property. In the pool was a mirror image of what was around it.

    Sitting there I realized there was a reason the pool could reflect like that. The reason the pool had such a clear image of the things around it was because of what was in it. It was full to the top with water and the water was reflecting the beauty around it.

    Isn’t that the way it is with our relationship with God? If we are full of Him, not half full but totally filled up, we will reflect His love and light to the world. Those around us will see His beauty reflected from the Living Water that fills us. Whether we are writing, speaking, or chatting with someone in the grocery store, His love and light will be reflected.

    So each of us must pay attention and nurture our relationship with God. We must work hard to fill ourselves with His love that can overflow to those around us and reflect the Kingdom in everything we write, say, or do!